Jean Stark, Inc.
Classical Loop In Loop Chains DVD

This DVD has been just released.  Jean Guides you through the
process of making the 5 basic loop in loop chains.  This DVD takes
the information from Jean's book, Classical Loop in Loop Chains
and their Derivatives and presents it in a visual format.  In addition,
there is a Disc with Bonus material and an Interview with Jean.  

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Jean Stark

Master Goldsmith and Educator for over 40

Jean Stark was Co-Founder of  the Kulicke-Stark
Academy of Jewelry Art in New York City.  Jean has
significantly  impacted jewelers across the country
through teaching Ancient Jewelry Techniques at
workshops hosted by: the Revere Academy in San
Francisco; Florida Society of Goldsmiths; Georgia
Goldsmiths Group and many others.
Chain Samples that can be
created from the DVD, Classical
Loop In Loop Chains, By Jean