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The DVD has been released and we want to offer additional bonus
material for those that purchase the DVD and anyone else that might
be interested.
Bonus Material
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Preparing a Charcoal Block for Alloying Gold
1. This new charcoal block has been
prepared to alloy gold.  The sides of the block
have been wrapped with binding wire to
prevent the block from splitting unexpectedly.  
It will eventually split.
2. Incise the surface of the block for
carving  2"x 2"
3. Carve out a
approximately 2"x2" and
1/4" deep. This
depression is where
the gold grains will be
melted and the gold
4. On the other half of
the block mark and
carve an ingot if you
plan to make wire.
5. Now you may begin the process of alloying
your pure gold.  See the Bonus Material in the
Chains DVD for this video presentation.
The procedures and processes shown are potentially hazardous.  Always follow proper
safety precautions and wear the appropriate protective gear.  
If in doubt consult an expert.
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complement specialized instruction.
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